Friends of InterAkt Community - Email-PEAR Patch PHP 5-4 (ADDTE)

This file is a set of replacement files for common/lib/email/pear folder. It updates the PEAR classes (not the latest) for PHP 5.4.33 and suppresses 2 errors that hopefully Fred might be able to fix :)

The suppressed errors are in KT_Email.class.php

Line:223 $mail_object = @Mail::factory('smtp', $arrSMTPParameters);

Line:227 $mail_object = @Mail::factory('mail');

There are no more errors in the PEAR classes as they are updated to versions which support PHP 5.

Errors Fixed: Strict Standards: Non-static method PEAR::isError()

This is a free product and comes with no guarantee.

You are welcome to make a donation to help to pay towards the hosting of these files.


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