Friends of InterAkt FAQ

Who Are Friends of InterAkt?

The website originally started out as a repository of my own InterAkt extensions as a means to keep it safe in the cloud. It expanded to include tips and tricks that I struggled with at the time.

It has grown since into a group of dedicated InterAkt extension users that see a need to preserve the InterAkt forums in the form of a searchable "Tips & Tricks" database.

We are in no way connected to Adobe in any means except to own InterAkt Extensions.
We do not run this website for commercial gain so any donations towards the running costs of the server will be welcome.

What we do

We compile and host a database of useful "Tips and Tricks" based on the InterAkt forums

We host updates, patches and skins developed by InterAkt users

Why do we want to do this?

Adobe abandoned the InterAkt and ADDT extensions in April 2009.
That can only mean that we are on our own if we want to continue using these wonderful extensions.

To prevent a lot of people redeveloping a lot of websites build with the InterAkt extensions we started this website. The dream for the site is for it to be a huge collection of tips and tricks with downloadable patches for files affected by technology upgrades.

We do not want to discredit "Adobe" or "Adobe Systems Romania" in any way and respect the "Adobe" trademark but the fact is that Adobe abandoned the InterAkt website and refuse to respond to any requests by email.

How can I get involved with Friends of InterAkt?
  • Click on the register page and get started.
  • Make a donation to keep the service running
Is my email address safe?

We will not use, give away, sell or make available your email address in any form or manner.

Your email address will not be used for anything other than limited communication with you from this site.

What about SPAM from this site?

We will not SPAM you at any time.

We will from time to time send you newsletters to inform you of anything interesting happening

You can disable this function from within your Member Area

We reserve the right to sent you a News Letter even if you are unsubscribed.
This newsletter will only be sent in the event of critical information that needs to be communicated to you.