XMS Systems - Firefox ver 3.6 breaks the KTML editor functionality (KTML3.6)

Firefox ver 3.6 breaks the KTML editor functionality.

  • Does not render the buttons
  • Can't enter text into the editor

The two files in this patch will do the following:

  • mozilla_ie_compat.js
    This update will force the editor to render the buttons and leave it in a workable state.
    The CSS dropdown will only display "No CSS" in the dropdown.
  • scripts.js
    This file patch will fix the CSS drop-down problem.


Simply download and unzip the file.  The folder structure is intact so you can easily see where to save the updated files.

  • includes\ktm\core\mozilla_ie_compat.js
  • includes\ktm\modules\css\scripts.js

This is not the best of hacks but it is working.

Obviously make a backup of your files first.

This is a free product and comes with no guarantee.
You are welcome to make a donation to help to pay towards the hosting of these files.


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