Welcome to "Friends of InterAkt"

    I am busy giving the website a bit of TLC as the old one was really tired. In the process, I will have to rework the articles as the database structure and schema of things has changed a bit since the first launch.

    If things do not work as intended or all the files are not uploaded yet, shoot me an email via the contact page and I will help if I have time…

    If the file you are trying to find is not available on the new site yet, simply replace the “www” with “new” in the URL every time you receive a 404 error. The files are still there and you will be able to download the file.

    InterAkt Manuals

    I have tried on numerous occasions to contact Adobe to get official permission to publish the documentation on the web site without any response. The best I got was an "Out of Office" reply.

    It looks like we managed to get most of the online manuals. To make this available will require some work as we do not have the same script that InterAkt used to navigate and display the manuals.
    Please bear with us while we are trying to make them available as soon as possible.

    Talking of money, a donation once in a while would be more than welcome to keep this site running.

    InterAkt and PHP 7.x

    There are a couple of members over on the forums that are busy working on updating the includes folders to be compatible with PHP 7.x and MySQLi

    If you think you can help out in any way or make a financial contribution, please reach out them with ideas and suggestions.

    Please register with this website and the forum and take part in the discussions and if you have a solution to some problem please submit an article that covers the issue and solution.