Kollection 3.7.1 update for PHP 5.5 and fix for retaining transparency when resizing PNGs.

†A big thanks to one of the "Interakt Friends" who emailed me this patch to update MX Kollektion to work with php 5.5

It also includes the fix for resizing transparent PNG files during upload.

Use with care and if you have include any fixes, please send it to me so I can share it with the rest of our friends.

Development environment was set as follows:

  • Dreamweaver 8 with ADOBE MySQLi server model
  • E_ALL enabled to fix all errors thus far including "Strict" and "Depricated" errors
  • Kollektion 3.7.1
  • Php 5.5 / MySQLi

The following pages was created during the patch development

  • Kollektion user login, password reset and logout
  • Nextensio List
  • Nextensio form with image upload and resize, file upload and email triggger

Various errors was fixed in some of the email files for full php 5.5 compatibility

tried to remove any CSS,config and language files from the updated Kollection includes folder so when you overwrite, no custom settings are removed .... (May need a quick check to make sure I didnít miss and config files).

Download File here


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