Flash upgrade breaks Multiple image upload

If you just upgraded your flash player to the latest version and you get an error using the Multiple File Upload SB or it stopped working you can fix it with this easy solution.

Find the following file


Around line 417 find this bit of code(or something similar)

if ((version.major == 8 || version.major == 9) && protocol == "http") {

The version.major == 8 refers to the version of flash currently in use. If you have flash version 10 it will break the functionality so change the version number to a higher value. We can also add an extra version to allow for feature upgrades and extend the cycle.

Current suggestion for the changes would be

if ((version.major == 10 || version.major == 11 || version.major == 12 ) && protocol == "http") {

By adding version.major == 12 we allow for a feature upgrade while maintaining backward compatibility to version 10.

As usual make a backup before you make any changes.


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